Call for papers 2022


            Art: integration and dispersion  - Art Inquiry 2022

In 2022, we plan to address the issue "Art: integration and dispersion". Aestheticians, historians, and then also art critics have for ages been convinced about the integrity of human artistic activity. Despite the multitude of fields and styles, and the variety of works, attempts have been made to establish rules connecting this wealth of phenomena, either by subordinating them to a more or less specified common rule, or by proposing an order of evolutionary changes where integrity was nevertheless emphasized. In present day theories (e.g. J.-F. Lyotard's theory regarding the end of grand narratives, or M. Foucault's "genealogical" approach to history), discontinuity, heterogeneity and differences are highlighted. This is accompanied by visible dispersion of contemporary art practices. Thus, the question arises whether one should therefore abandon the idea of the integrity of human artistic activity and begin to build the corresponding science on new heterogeneous assumptions.

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