Participatory art, new media and convergence art based on the example of La Fura Dels Baus Group

  • Aneta Pawłowska Department of Art History, University of Łódź, Poland
  • Anna Wendorff Department of Spanish Philology, University of Łódź, Poland


The article attempts to present various categories of activities related to participatory art that we can find in the extensive artistic output of the Catalan group named La Fura dels Baus. Ever since it was established in 1979, the group has been presenting a wide variety of forms: open-air events, dramatic plays, operas, and performances. It uses typically theatrical techniques, emphasizing especially quasi-religious experiences and experiments originating from mythical prehistory of the stage art and newer group techniques (happening, techniques developed by groups of the contestation period). The article discusses such shows as: Accions (1983), Suz/O/Suz (1985), Noun (1990), Manes and MTM (both 1996), as well as XXX (2001). Special attention is paid to acquisition and adaptation of Artaud’s concept of “Theatre of Cruelty” in relation to the group’s activities, which at the same time are analysed from the perspective of audience participation in performances forced by artistic means.