Manifestations of Public Art

  • Michał Jakubowicz SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland


Within the article “Manifestations of public art” and through photographic projects (subPark 2014-..., Travel Documents, 2015-2016), I am asking the question whether modern art needs and strives for nature in proxemic and historical dimension as an area of “salvaged green”, evoking ways of viewing specific to pre-war architects of cities incorporated into Polish borders after 1945. Grabiszyński Park, former German cemetery, demolished in the 1960s, eventually transformed into a green area. Structures of trees are subjected to creative analysis comprised in categories of anonymous manifestations of public art. Community of outliers born within the area of pre-war city and its vicinity as well as expelled Germans and emigrants photographed in several parks of Poland and Germany were invited to participate in the project. The position regarding visual form being the result of social relations and the phenomenon of autoreference has been presented.